Canon's X Mark I Mouse triples as calculator, numeric keypad, fame attractor

We know, we know -- you're practically married to your existing Razer or Logitech, but it looks like you may want to phone your lawyer and get the separation papers flowing. Canon -- of all companies -- has just introduced its latest critter, and it may very well be the most spectacular mousing device in the history of mousing devices. The unquestionably magical X Mark I Mouse is a wireless laser mouse underneath, but it also doubles as a fully functional calculator and a numeric keypad to boot. Bluetooth 2.0 is responsible for the connections, and the 1,200dpi sensor should please all but the most particular of users. It'll also play nice with both OS X and Windows platforms, leaving us with an inexplicable need to handle one prior to the scheduled November launch date. Oh, the price? A paltry £39.99 / €48.99 / $63, but really, you'd pay anything those blokes asked to have one of your own.