Microsoft pulls apart a Kinect camera, tickles your non-gaming fetish

Tease as much as you want, Sony, but things get real serious when you flip to the other side and look at the magic behind Microsoft's Kinect camera. Recently, T3 was able to get behind the scenes for a quick lesson on how this Xbox 360 peripheral works, and as part of the tour, it also saw the innocent sensor sitting bare naked in the lab. As pictured above, this little device actually has a lot to pack in -- namely a RGB camera for facial recognition plus video capturing, a depth sensor (an infrared projector paired with a monochrome CMOS camera) for movement tracking, four downward-facing mics for voice recognition, a quiet motor in the bulky base for rotation, and all the circuitry components to link them up. Head over to the source link for a detailed briefing -- but we all know you're just gonna go straight to the gallery of Redmond's naughty pics.