SOE unveils 'EverQuest Next' at Fan Faire

The third edition in the EverQuest franchise was teased by Sony Online Entertainment prez John Smedley this weekend at SOE's annual Fan Faire event. The publisher also held an extended panel on it -- tentatively titled EverQuest Next -- where Smedley revealed that the game will have "less classes" and be "more like EQ1" in that regard. He also said it has been "built from the ground up to be scaleable" and that it'll be playable on anything from "a laptop" to "a powerful PC."

Alongside the reveal, SOE released a couple of in-game screenshots, which we've dropped into a gallery below. No projected release window was given, but a smattering of specific details about the next EQ installment can be found on EQ2 Wire's liveblog of the event.%Gallery-99029%