Bankrupt iRex can't buy a vowel, gets new lease on life as IRX Innovations

Things were looking bad for iRex Technologies a few months back. Its DR 800 e-reader didn't get to retail in time for the holiday season and, at $450, it wasn't exactly price competitive anyhow. As the company filed bankruptcy, CEO Hans Brons remained optimistic, saying "expectations are still positive," and now we can see why: the company is being reborn as IRX Innovations. This time it will skip the pesky retail market altogether, hoping to find businesses willing to pay the roughly 100% premium over a comparable 3G Kindle or Nook or what have you. It's unclear whether IRX will be offering the same products or will start showing off new, more business-minded ones, but with the WiFi Kindle now shipping for a mere $140 we're hoping the new company has some lesser expensive offerings.