Best Buy pegs Droid 2 at $199 with 2-year activation, $599 without (updated)

It's rather astounding to believe we've come this far without Verizon or Motorola so much as recognizing the Droid 2's existence, but with leaks like this on a weekly basis who needs traditional marketing? Astute reader Greg from North Carolina tells us his local Best Buy has those leaked dummy units out on shelves, and lo and behold, there's a set of price tags right next to them. As originally rumored, the phone will launch at $199 with carrier subsidy and $599 should you choose to cart it home without a plan in tow. Still no solid confirmation of that August 12 release date, but at this rate we expect the handset may sell out before Verizon's PR team breathes a word. Spot the full image after the break.

Update: On a related note, the original Droid is now "out of stock" on Verizon's website.

Update 2: Oh what the hell, dropped in an official "coming soon" Droid 2 advertising supplement making its way into newspapers.

[Thanks, Greg and Jeremy C.]