EFO iPazzPort Keyboard looks like a BlackBerry, calls your HTPC instead of your boss

EFO iPazzport Keyboard looks like a BlackBerry, calls your HTPC not your boss

In the world of the HTPC, the quest for the least inconvenient means of controlling on-screen action continues. We had a winner with the Rii Mini wireless keyboard in March, but the familiar aesthetics of this EFO iPazzPort keyboard make us want to have one lying about our coffee table. This is the newly redesigned third generation model, a big step forward from the first gen and, from the second revision, adds on function keys that can be used during bootup (for the "Hit F1 to enter BIOS" types), dedicated keys for playing and pausing and whatnot, and a laser pointer -- crucial for indicating the fatally arcing trajectories of contestants on Wipeout. All that's in addition to the already present QWERTY keyboard resting just below a functional touchpad. The cost? $45. Watching your friends try to make a call from your keyboard? Priceless.