THQ's 'Kids, Family and Casual' branch revealing new project next Tuesday

If you're the least bit worried about the massive workload THQ seems to have taken on -- seriously, just look at that chart -- you may want to avert your eyes from this particular story. During the publisher's investors call earlier today, CEO Brian Farrell explained that the company "will be unveiling an innovative new product a week from tomorrow in New York," later adding "we look forward to its launch this holiday season."

A representative from THQ explained that this new project is being developed by the "Kids, Family and Casual" (or K.F.C.) management branch of the studio, likely ruling out the chance that this unannounced project is that Saints Row MMO you've always dreamed of. We've contacted THQ to see if we can get any additional details about the project. Like, for instance, will it be crispy, or original? Can we assume it will be finger lickin' good? Will it come with its own secret blend of herbs and spices?