Advertisement adds caching and update notifications to mobile apps

The folks at have announced new features that will be a part of a soon-to-be-released update to both their iPad and iPhone apps. Specifically, caching will allow for offline access to files, and update notifications will keep track of file versions.

The first is exciting for users like me without 3G iPads. Now we can browse our files while offline. Imagine no more rushing around to find a Wi-Fi network just so you can reference a document.

Also, the update will let you know when a colleague has made a change to a document. You'll see an alert and get the option to update your local version or not. This way you can sync saved files with updated versions. Finally, caching will make file previews much faster.

The folks at expect these updates to drop at any time, so be sure to watch their page in the App Store. Update: They're out now.