Panasonic GF1 is ready to take the plunge Big Daddy style with the INON X-2 waterproof housing

It takes a special suit to stand up to the worst that Rapture can throw at you, and for the Panasonic DMC-GF1 that suit is the INON X-2. It's an aluminum alloy case available in white or black that looks beefy enough to survive far deeper than the 75 meters it's rated for. It also seems capable of standing up to being driven over by a car or being thrown down a flight of stairs. Add on two optional M1 grips plus underwater lights and you have yourself the diving rig pictured above, absolutely dwarfing the tiny GF1 cowering inside. Its cost does too, with the case alone going for 186,900 yen, about $2,200, and each grip costing 10,000 yen (about $115). That seems like an awful lot to spend to protect a $650 camera, but don't let such words dissuade your capitalistic instincts.