Archos 32 Internet "Tablet" hits the FCC, pictures and manual in tow

It was just last week the Android-powered Archos 32 spontaneously burst into existence with a premature sale, and thanks to the FCC we can say today that we also know what it looks like. As you can see in the picture above, the "minidroid" appears to be a completely capacitive affair, with dedicated buttons and directional controls surrounding that 3.2-inch screen. The full filing also reveals built-in GPS, a 3.5mm headphone jack and Archos' trademark kickstand alongside Bluetooth and WiFi. While it does have a microphone as originally reported, there's strangely no mention of a camera in the user's manual, which actually suggests that circle on the back of the device may be the integrated speaker. (Here's hoping we're proven wrong.) On the connectivity front, ARCHOS seems to have the usual host of accessories planned including a 720p-capable DVR dock, but frustratingly the unit also requires a proprietary connector to transfer data and charge. Should the original leak be accurate, expect to see this one at e-tailers in the coming months for a penny under $150, an excellent price should the build quality equal the company's codec support. %Gallery-99174%