Enso's Android-based zenPad 4 ships, gets unboxed and politely berated on video

Based on our experience with the original zenPad -- one that we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemy's enemies -- we had a feeling that Enso's latest crop of wares wouldn't exactly be teeming with high quality components. One kindhearted tipster of ours managed to ignore our advice and order up a $199 zenPad 4, which is just another iPad KIRF for all intents and purposes. Loaded with Android 2.1 and doused in mediocrity, this 10.2-inch tablet actually ships in a knockoff iPad box... one that proudly sports a perfectly random Internet Explorer icon on the front. Trust us, the laughs don't end there. It was also said to be about half as responsive to key presses as the iPad, and when pressing down on the bezel, it actually leaves momentary indentations that require a tick to flatten back out. Classy. Head on past the break for a purely comedic video unboxing and preview -- if you've had a rough one, you owe it to yourself.

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