Apple's rechargeable AA batteries are rebranded Sanyo Eneloops?

You do realize that Apple doesn't manufacture its own batteries, right? Apple, like most consumer electronics companies, doesn't actually make anything. So where do Apple's new AA rechargeable NiMH batteries comes from then? We had a suspicion early on that Apple's "new" AAs were actually Eneloops, long one of our favorite brands of modern rechargeables due to their ability to maintain a 75% charge even after three years inside the kitchen utility drawer. Now our Czech friends over at Superapple seem to have confirmed this after an exhaustive teardown and analysis of Apple's little power cells. Specifically, Apple's AA batteries appear to be none other than the 1.2V Sanyo Eneloop HR-3UTG rated at 1,900mAh (minimum). While Superapple couldn't find any physical evidence linking the two, the measured performance characteristics of Apple's AA batteries matched the Eneloops perfectly. Knowing this, are you really going to spend $29 for the Apple charger and 6x AA batteries when you get 8x AA Eneloops and charger for the same price? Now mosey on past the break if you want to see a AA unrolled. Fascinating stuff.

[Thanks, Roman K.]