How Ellen DeGeneres got Matthew Perry his role in Fallout: New Vegas

Who should ex-Friends star Matthew Perry thank for landing his latest job, a role in Fallout: New Vegas? Not his agent. According to senior producer Jason Bergman, Perry's role was cemented thanks to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. On the April 24, 2009 show, Perry appeared not only to promote 17 Again, but he also gave Ellen an Xbox 360 system with a copy of the game.

"I played this video game so often that I injured my hand so severely that I had to go to a hand doctor and get injections in my hand because I love this video game so much," Perry told Ellen at the time. "The game is called Fallout 3. I'm not affiliated with this game at all, I just love it. But I signed it, so it looks like I created it."

Apparently, that act earned him the good graces of Bethesda and Obsidian, leading to his eventual casting as Rat Pack-esque character Benny. With his name now cemented in the game's credits, he'll able to give away signed copies of New Vegas ... and actually have it mean something.