Premier Elections Solutions pays up in Ohio Diebold suit, offers more faulty voting machines for free

Man, this is rich. Some two years after being sued by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Premier Elections Solutions (formerly, and more infamously known as Diebold) has decided to settle up. Way back when, Brunner alleged that the outfit's touch-screen voting machines weren't acting as they should, and she pointed to an investigation that proved at least 11 counties were dropped in past elections when their memory cards were uploaded to servers. As of now, Premiere -- which is owned by Election Systems & Software -- has agreed to pony up just over $470,000 to the 47 counties that touched its e-voting hardware, but that's hardly the kicker. Counties are also eligible for up to $2.4 million in free Premiere software for two years, and the company's even throwing in up to 2,909 free voting machines along with a 50 percent coupon for maintenance fees. Right, because the Buckeye State is so anxious to start using the machines it found so faulty to begin with. Makes total sense.

Update: We've learned from someone inside of Ohio elections that 11 counties experienced a failed upload of results from a memory card during the unofficial canvas (election night), but those results were recovered during the official canvas several days later. The statewide results included all counties. And know you know.