Verizon's Fivespot gets FCC approval by way of ZTE

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.14.10

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Verizon's Fivespot gets FCC approval by way of ZTE
This actually happened a few days ago, but since we admittedly weren't on the lookout for hot filings from Chinese manufacturer ZTE, we totally missed it until we circled back for our FCC Fridays roundup this week. That's right: what you're looking at above is a non-carrier-branded version of the Fivespot global mobile hotspot for Verizon that we'd broke the news on last month -- and if you sift through the user's manual in the FCC filing, you'll see that this is indeed the same thing as the Verizon device. As a refresher, this puppy is supposed to replace the aging MiFi and offer support for triband HSPA alongside EV-DO in the event you're dying for some 3G coverage outside the States. We've heard rumors that it's been canceled recently to make room for Big Red's LTE plans, but we're not sure we buy it since widespread LTE coverage is still a long way out -- especially in a tiny, sexy, global mobile hotspot form factor like this. And hey, with FCC approval behind 'em, why not go ahead and release it?

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