Samsung Galaxy Tablet coming soon to Vodafone UK?

You know the old 'smoke and fire' adage by now, and while the alarms aren't sounding just yet, we get the feeling that they will be shortly. We've heard Samsung itself confirm that an Android-based tablet would be departing its labs sometime this year, and since then, we've also heard an IFA debut tossed around. Given that said show is but a few weeks out, it's halfway logical to think that Sammy would be notifying some of its launch partners of its intentions. We can't be certain that things are locked in just yet, but a 'Samsung Galaxy Tablet' has recently surfaced within Vodafone UK's systems (as shown above). There's no price or release date accompanying the mention, but it may signal that a 3G-enabled version could be coming to Britons following a proper unveiling in Berlin next month. We'll keep digging for more, and you can bet we'll be on the ground in Deutschland for a hands-on should the opportunity arise.

[Thanks, Anonymous]