Adobe AIR 2.5 coming to Android in Q4 2010, but only to capable phones

When will Strong Bad and company become native Android applications? Anytime after Q4 2010 -- that's when Adobe says it wants to have Adobe AIR for Android runtimes publicly available in the Android Market, along with an initial batch of apps, and fairly exciting potential for more. The Android release will be part of AIR 2.5 and grant would-be developers access to your smartphone's camera, microphone, accelerometer and GPS as well as providing hardware GPU acceleration and multitouch input, which could make for some exciting PopCap games completely serious and not at all game related utilities down the road. Don't necessarily expect them to work on every Android phone, however, as there are some prerequisites for AIR, namely an ARMv7 processor or better with a vector co-processor, OpenGL ES 2.0 and Froyo, but Adobe says if your device handles Flash 10.1, it'll probably run AIR.

On a related note, if you weren't yet sold on Google TV, a breath of fresh AIR might help -- Adobe told us it's presently pondering the correct time to add the cross-platform runtimes on Google's video streaming boxes as well.