Nokia now Comes With Music morphing into Ovi Music Unlimited everywhere

It already kicked off this process in India a while back, but it looks like Nokia is finally ready to bring its faltering Comes with Music brand and service under the reign of the Ovi mothership on a more global scale -- or in markets where Comes with Music has launched, anyhow -- now that UK customers have started getting the news. There doesn't seem to be word yet on exactly how this is going to work, but it would make sense to see Nokia structure this the same way Microsoft does with Zune -- Ovi Music for a la carte purchases, Ovi Music Unlimited if you want to pony up a monthly fee (or, if they keep the original Comes with Music model, you pay more for the phone upfront). Seeing how the service still hasn't launched in the US, this would be a good opportunity, it seems -- particularly with the N8 launch around the corner.