HBO heading to iPad and mobile devices 'in six months,' still cold on Netflix

"There is value in exclusivity... [Consumers] are willing to pay a premium for high quality, exclusive content." There is something to HBO Co-President Eric Kessler's words that ring true with his company's goals, and unfortunately for Netflix enthusiasts, that subscription service isn't part and parcel with his philosophy. In an interview with Bloomberg, Kessler reportedly offered the previous statement as an explanation to why the two companies would likely not make a deal together, despite Netflix's best efforts. That's par for the course, so far, but what is new and exciting from the interview is an off-hand comment that in six month's time, HBO Go would be available "through all major cable systems, on Apple Inc.'s iPad, on mobile devices and elsewhere," free for those already signed up to HBO. We've seen the former option, but portable? Consider our interests very piqued. While far from official, we also think it's worth listening to a co-president on his own company's dealings -- at least a little bit. Hey, we're all for going the Hulu route if it's implemented well enough, but it looks like we won't be canceling our cable subscription in favor of going steady with Ol' Red Envelopes anytime soon.