Freekade, the iPad arcade cabinet, goes up for auction (video)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|08.18.10

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Freekade, the iPad arcade cabinet, goes up for auction (video)
What's the date today, middle of August? Great, so we can now say with scientific certainty that it takes four and a half months to bring an excellent April Fools' idea to market. That's the total gap in time between the unveiling of the jokey iCade by the writers at ThinkGeek and the "for auction" sign going up on the Freekade arcade cabinet. This nostalgia-infused iPad accessory has now added a veneer of style to its retro control scheme, with "walnut effect" sides and a matte black finish. It interfaces with your slate via Bluetooth and (provided you've danced the jailbreaking jig) will play along with NES, SNES and PSX emulators obtainable from the Cydia store. You'll find its latest demo video after the break and can track the auction's progress at the source link below.

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