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Michael Dell given an unsubtle hint by displeased shareholders

It's looking very much like that SEC investigation into Dell and Intel's overly intimate relationship has aggrieved investors in the former company. In a recent shareholder vote on the subject of Michael Dell's continued presence on his eponymous company's board, an almost unprecedented 25 percent expressed their desire that he leaves. We can't say we blame them, considering Michael had to spend $4 million of his own cash to square things with the SEC. He never admitted any personal guilt for the company's misreported earnings, but then innocent people don't tend to pay multimillion-dollar personal fines either. As it stands, he still has the backing of the majority of investors, but Mike might still do best to hand over the CEO reins to someone who hasn't been dragged through the mud of impropriety quite so thoroughly. We hear Mark Hurd might be on the market soon.