LG talks up Optimus smartphone line: 10 devices by year end, NVIDIA's Tegra for high-end model, tablet will be 'productive'

LG's Ally might be scratching at the boring end of the Android landscape right now, but LG certainly isn't stopping with one smartphone on the market in 2010. LG stated on Wednesday that it's pouring some mega cash on R&D and marketing to play catch up, and it plans to release a whopping 10 smartphones by the end of the year, projecting sales of 5 million units in that time. The low-end Optimus One kicks things off in September with a whopping 120 carriers globally, but LG also said it has a dual-core Tegra 2 based handset in the works for the performance minded. It's unclear if this is a replacement chip for the supposedly Snapdragon LU2300 Optimus Q (pictured) or the innards for another handset entirely, but 10 phones is a big quota to fill (at least for anyone who isn't LG or Samsung), so hopefully it's the latter. Finally, LG reiterated that it's working on a tablet for Q4. "It's going to be surprisingly productive," said LG's Chang Ma, attempting to set it apart from the iPad in that regard. So, LG's for-serious about Android, but is it too late? According to Mr. Ma, who may or may not have slowly donning a pair of really hip sunglasses at the moment, "The race hasn't started yet."