BlackBerry Bold R020 and 9670 Oxford flip outed?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.20.10

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BlackBerry Bold R020 and 9670 Oxford flip outed?
It's felt almost as if the BlackBerry smartphone rumor mill has been a little too quiet -- dare we say burnt out -- since the Torch hit the scene (BlackPad notwithstanding, of course). That's all changed with a pair of interesting leaks care of Boy Genius Report. Behold a successor to the Bold 9700, the R020. The tri-band UMTS / quad-band EDGE device is gonna disappoint some with the same 624MHz clockspeed and 2.44-inch 480 x 360 screen, but it does have twice the RAM (512MB), a 5 megapixel camera with AF and flash, and of course runs on BlackBerry 6. If the purported leaked slides are correct, a device of such magnitude should be launching in the October timeframe. Looking to the CDMA side of things -- which means likely both Verizon and Sprint -- we've got a 9670 "Oxford" (at least by codename) flip phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera, 360 x 400 internal display (240 x 320 for the external), usual amenities like WiFi and GPS, and the hip new BB6. No touchscreen on either phones, as far as we can tell, but perhaps that's a blessing for those that fret smudged screens.
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