Engadget Podcast 209 - 08.20.2010

Burritophones, Paul McCartney riots, and miraculous new extensions of the English language take center stage on the Engadget Podcast this week. Don't sleep.

Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Guest: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl)
Music: Rock Lobster

00:04:07 - Epic 4G review
00:21:38 - Motorola Charm hitting T-Mobile on August 25 for $75 (update: Telus version caught on video!)
00:33:45 - Nokia's QWERTY-slidin' N9 shows up in the wilds of China (update: running MeeGo!)
00:35:20 - Nokia N9: the MacBook Pro Phone
00:51:27 - Xbox Live launch titles for Windows Phone 7 finally revealed, we've got the full preview
01:06:15 - Next gen PSP to have touch controls -- on the wrong side?
01:07:00 - Synaptics Fuse concept hands-on (second video)
01:09:10 - Canon PowerShot S95, the SD4500 IS, and SX130 IS play the low-light, HD video cards
01:11:38 - Nikon D3100 DSLR hands-on
01:13:00 - Nikon D3100 gets real, adds 1080p movie mode with continuous autofocus
01:14:54 - Nikon Coolpix S1100pj projector cam arrives with USB projection and touchscreen telestrator capabilities; S5100 arrives in tow
01:16:22 - Nikon Coolpix S1100pj and S5100 hands-on
01:18:53 - We finally, really did it: Engadget gets a new commenting system
01:29:24 - The Engadget Show returns next Friday, August 27th with Samsung CSO Omar Khan, Rock Band 3, and much more!

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