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Manufacturing upstart PocketBook is clearly still gung ho about e-readers, judging by the five new models it has announced will be released at IFA in September, which include a pair of entry-level ProBook 602 and 902 units, as well as the ProBook 603 and 903 premium units. The 60x designated models sport 6-inch screens, while the 90x models have a bigger 9.7-inch. All models will feature 2GB of internal storage, a Linux-based OS, and include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, the higher-end versions also gain 3G connectivity and a Wacom touchscreen. More interesting and genre-bending though is the so-called "entertainment model" PocketBook IQ that will be available in three case color options, feature a 7-inch TFT color touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and will run Android 2.0. Access to PocketBook's own e-book store unfortunately rounds out all the details we know so far, but we'll be sure to find out more once IFA gets going. Check out shots of the individual readers and get the full translated PR below. %Gallery-100022%

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Berlin, 20 August 2010. PocketBook International, a specialist in multi-functional E-Ink reader, presented at the IFA 2010 (September 3 to 8 in Berlin), five new models of e-readers.

The expanded product portfolio includes the entry level models PocketBook Pro 602 and Pro 902, the premium models Pro 603 and Pro 903 and the IQ PocketBook with TFT color screen.
All new models have been developed in close cooperation with the Foxconn Technology Group, the world leader in development and production of consumer electronics. The Taiwanese company has been producing the e-reader Kindle on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Nook for the Sony Reader available in Germany. Even Apple makes the iPhone and iPad produce at Foxconn.
The new state-of-the-art products provide with its powerful software, new hardware and an attractive design papiergleiches reading and the freedom to move and new e-book download on the e-Reader.
PocketBook Pro 602 and Pro 902 - the new entry-level models
The models PocketBook Pro 602 and Pro 902 are distinguished by their screen size (6 or 10 inches) and the battery life (14,000 and 7,000 page change). Technically, both models are identical. The software is based on the Linux operating system is Open Source. Both models are equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth. They continue to have a headphone jack and an internal memory of 2 gigabytes.
PocketBook Pro 603 and Pro 903 - the premium models with touchscreen and 3G
The models PocketBook Pro 603 and Pro 903 are the premium models differ in screen size (6 or 10 inches) and by its battery life (14,000 and 7,000 page change). Technically, both models are identical.

Your operating system based on Linux, the software is Open Source. Both models have in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth are also on 3G, equipped with a Wacom touch screen, headphone jack and an internal memory of 2 gigabytes.
PocketBook IQ - the entertainment model with a color touch screen
One of the clearest advantages of the new PocketBook IQ in particular the colored 7 "TFT touch screen, WiFi and Bluetooth. In addition, the PocketBook IQ running on the Android operating system 2.0. Even the look of the device is attracted by its appealing design. The PocketBook IQ is available in three attractive colors and is ideal for leisure and entertainment.
The main features:
- PocketBook has opened its own E-Book Store, which is continuously expanded to books in many languages. The content is also available for users of other e-reader accessible and usable.
- With pre-installed software and a headphone jack to allow users to e-books via text-to-speech read out loud. Text-to-Speech is available in 28 different languages, 4 languages are already installed. Even audiobooks can be on the e-Reader to play comfortably.
- The text adapts by G-sensor (position sensor) automatically position the device to the landscape or portrait mode on.
- The software supports 16 PocketBook text formats, including DRM-protected books in the EPUB format and PDF, so no conversion is necessary any more. Also, put in the books and notes, bookmarks and key points are thus easily looked up.
- Integrated dictionaries in 20 languages easier to look up foreign words without interrupting the flow of reading.
- As a special option offers the possibility PocketBook, notes in the text to include. In addition, certain parts of the text will be saved as editable compendium.
- The user-friendly interface in multiple languages allows intuitive navigation, making it especially easy for beginners to understand.
- A number of directory levels the orderly placement of an entire library permitted on the E-Reader.
- Due to the E-Ink technology, the displays are very rich in contrast. They allow a wider viewing angle papiergleiches a reading, without tiring the eyes.
- The open source software is based on the Linux operating system and is therefore open to individual applications or adjustments on the part of users.
- PocketBook International, with offices in Germany, its software updatet regularly and makes them available for free. For all new products are 2-year warranty. The first-class customer service is available for all inquiries and customer requests.
- For the first time in the e-readers widgets are used. This graphic modules are placed on the desktop and provide instant access to multiple functions.
The new models are PocketBook-November in many online stores (,, and bookstores.

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PocketBook at IFA 2010 in Berlin, 3 - 8 September 2010
PocketBook International invites journalists to the world premiere of the new products on 3 September at 9.00 clock to a press breakfast on the stand a PocketBook: Messe Berlin IFA, Booth 109, Hall 14.1. Please log in:
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About PocketBook International
Since starting the company PocketBook in 2007, which arose from a merger of the "Ukrainian Printing Group" and the "Most Publishing House", the specialist tracked for mobile reading the objective to develop the ideal electronic reader that all customer needs modern fulfilled paperless reading. The focus of development, therefore, is the software of the e-reader. It was set up as open-source software based on the Linux operating system. Since then the e-reader to be continuously expanded and improved functionality and features. In September 2010, the new products, their world premiere at the IFA 2010 in Berlin. The hardware of this new e-reader is manufactured exclusively by leading international technology company Foxconn Technology Group. His firm, the company has PocketBook, the International Pocketbook now to be known, remains in Kiev, Ukraine. With offices in Germany, France, the USA, Russia and Taiwan, the e-reader vendors in the markets of EU, USA, CIS, Middle East and Asia is active. In 2009 PocketBook scored with 70 employees and generated sales of 37.2 million U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, 150 employees work at PocketBook International. Every month around the world currently more than 50,000 units sold. The market share of PocketBook is currently in the CIS countries 43 percent, 5 percent worldwide.

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