Redspotgames has plans for further Dreamcast development

Whether you're still lugging around that old Dreamcast, or you have a new-fangled mod or an emulator of some sort handy, have heart: you're not the only one keeping the dream alive! If the kids at Redspotgames have their way, they'll keep publishing games for the venerable (and defunct) console -- that is, according to marketing and sales director Adrian Loudero, who spent some time chatting with Joystiq at Gamescon last week. "We have seen some stuff on the PC, and we [are] talking to the companies to see if they will agree to release on the Dreamcast," he said. "We also have plans for 2011, maybe a new release, but this is really all I can say right now." Attention to the beloved platform is a labor of love, obviously -- the company sells "a few thousand copies" of titles it releases, and has recently started developing games for WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade to stay afloat. Whatever it takes, right?