TUAW Review: ColcaSac sleeve for iPad

I've never understood people who keep their iPads bound up in cases. I get that they want to protect their iPads, but I never understood why they choose cases which just add to the bulk of the beautifully thin device. I've always been a sleeve guy myself -- something to keep the iPad scratch-free while transporting, yet which easily allows you to slide it out and hold it in your hands the way Jobs intended. That being said, I've searched for months for a good iPad sleeve. Most of the sleeves out there are very sterile and bland in appearance. Their designs are fit for mass production, but not much else.

My search for the perfect iPad sleeve ended when I discovered the ColcaSac iPad sleeve. ColcaSac is a small company in Salt Lake City, Utah that makes five different iPad sleeves, plus numerous iPhone and MacBook sleeves. Their designs are simple, yet different. The ColcaSac I have is the Hanakapiai model. It's got a soft cotton interior that gives the iPad's screen a nice wipe every time it's taken out of the sleeve, helping wipe away fingerprint smears. The outside of the sleeve is made of a beautiful basketweave hemp canvas that gives it a slightly rugged look. But one of the things I like most about the ColcaSac is the sleeve's outside pocket (which so many sleeves lack), perfect for carrying a USB cable and charger. And best of all, the iPad fits snugly into the sleeve. I've tried many iPad sleeves, and most of them don't hold the iPad tight. With the ColcaSac sleeve I can open the sleeve (it uses a Velcro fold to close), hold it upside down, and have the iPad slide out slowly.

Considering the design and quality materials they use, the $35 price tag for the ColcaSac is a steal. It's also a beautiful choice for iPad owners who want something aesthetically different than the usual offerings of iPad sleeves found on Amazon or in Apple Stores.

If you're looking for a great sleeve, I highly recommend this one. Broke? Can't afford one? Not to worry! The guys at ColcaSac have been good enough to provide a sleeve for one of our lucky TUAW readers. Check back in the next few days for the giveaway post!