MSI waiting on Intel Oak Trail for Win 7 tablet, Android version will hit before end of the year

Remember MSI's Windows 7 WindPad that we went hands-on with back in June at Computex? Of course you do. Well even though it's been given a bit of Photoshop polish lately, MSI isn't planning on launching it until Intel releases its Oak Trail Atom platform for tablets and netbooks at CES 2011. MSI's Andy Tung told us that the current Atom platform just doesn't provide adequate battery life and power for the form factor, and that it's finding the Oak Trail platform to be much better in all areas with the Windows 7 OS. Tung also said it's still experimenting with the dualscreen Win 7 tablet, but similarly needs a better hardware platform. Oh don't worry, there's still some tablet love to come from MSI this year -- the company still plans to release its Tegra 2-powered, Android 2.2 WindPad 110 tablet in time for the holiday season. MSI is working with Google, and we were told that the Android tablet should have access to some sort of app store. It's clearly got the tablet bug, and Tung even told us that the company is minimizing the number of netbooks it has in its lineup. That sure seems to be a common trend these days.