Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion Generator: refreshes skin, won't eradicate enemies

Akihabara is home to some rather unorthodox wares, but Japan's certainly seen it's fair share of ion generators over the years. Though, we have to say -- we've yet to see or hear of one with a name this good. Sharp's IG-CM1 is better known as the Plasmacluster Ion Generator (or Virus Buster, if you will), and so far as we can tell, it's a portable Ionic Breeze. In other words, this thing somehow cleans the air around the owner and rejuvenates their skin, and when the day's done, it'll recharge over USB. We know, it's all you can do to stifle that chuckle, but Sharp's clearly pretty serious about this thing. You know, judging by that stratospheric ¥17,950 ($210) price tag.