Dear Aunt TUAW: $1.39 iPad holder

Dear Aunt TUAW:

Behold the $1.39 iPad holder. It holds the iPad perfectly in both orientations. All of the iPad users in my office have one, and it's the best. It's very very stable, too.

Love and kissies,

Your nephew Joel

Dear Joel,

Auntie actually owns a fair number of these holders. They get used all the time for iPods and iPhones, but I can't really recommend them for the iPad. The Office Depot business card holder is just not stable enough. Auntie has had enough bad experiences while testing them to be deeply, deeply concerned about your choice of iPad stand.

These holders don't have enough back support -- and not having that back support is simply a recipe for disaster. Do you want to bear the cost of an accidental iPad plunge to the floor? That's what Auntie thought, too.

Auntie sticks with more supportive iPad stands (even inexpensive, homemade cardboard ones) and is much happier with the stability that a high back and solid footing offers.


Auntie T.