HTC EVO 4G car dock lands at Sprint stores

So you've a shiny new Sprint EVO 4G -- upgraded with the Froyo 2.2 update, of course -- and it keeps rattling around your car as you drive. What are you to do? Well, If you've been waiting for the official car dock -- aptly named the Car Upgrade Kit for EVO 4G -- from Sprint, fear not, for it has now landed. For a hefty $59.99 you get the dock that'll attach to your vehicle's window with suction or with the included adhesive pad, to your dash. Of course, nothing's perfect and judging from some posts we've seen, the dock does have its failings: the camera is covered by the plastic, the SD card isn't mountable while in the dock so listening to your stored tunes won't happen -- if you want to plug it into your head unit, for example -- and maybe the biggest foible, no charging cable is included. Of course with the plethora of car docks available on eBay you may want to shop around a bit, and heck, for that $59 you may well be able to pick up one for yourself and everybody else on your street.