Nokia C7 gets an early look: 'hardly a market leader'

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.26.10

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Nokia C7 gets an early look: 'hardly a market leader'
The upcoming C7's been well-leaked at this point, but one thing it hasn't undergone is the famously exhaustive Mobile-review once-over that takes weeks to read and even longer to digest. Actually, this isn't so much a review as a "first look" based on prototype hardware -- and as such, it's quite a bit shorter -- but it still gives by far the best, clearest, and most in-depth glance at Nokia's second Symbian^3 device to date. Unlike the over-the-top N8, Mobile-review comes away concluding that the C7 is an exceptionally well-balanced device for a Nokia -- solid specs at a more aggressive price than its Nseries cousin -- but acknowledges that it's still outclassed by the competition and isn't likely to draw any non-Nokia loyalists into the fold. MeeGo, where art thou?
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