Take-Two loses legal fight over

Take-Two: Would you kindly give us

Name Administration: ... Umm, no. We're a domain squatter in the Cayman Islands, not giving companies domains is kind of what we do.

Take-Two: Oh, WIPO? Would you kindly tell them to give us back

World Intellectual Property Organisation: Well, we talked about it, and ... no. For starters, they registered it before you got any trademarks on the "BioShock" name. Besides, that phrase could apply to other stuff besides your game.

Take-Two: Alright then, would you kindl--

Name Administration: Look, just stop it, OK? You've been saying "would you kindly" every 20 seconds during this hearing and frankly, it's starting to creep us out. And why is it whenever you say it you have to ... oh, what would you call it, WIPO?

WIPO: Glowering. You're glowering.

Name Administration: Yes! You're glowering, and it's weird. And while we're at it, what's up with the golf club?