TerreStar Genus gets FCC approval at long last

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.25.10

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TerreStar Genus gets FCC approval at long last
The Genus has been floating around since the days when Windows Mobile was still relevant, but even with an antiquated operating system, it's still got a trump card others will be hard-pressed to match: it's got satellite service in a package that doesn't make you look like you're holding a DynaTAC to your head. Sourced from Finnish company Elektrobit, the portrait QWERTY set has finally gotten around to getting FCC approval (with AT&T-friendly 850 / 1900 GSM), which should hopefully be one of the last things TerreStar was waiting on before loosing it on the public. So, who's out in the sticks enough to justify punishing themselves with WinMo?

Update: Interestingly, a Genus also received FCC approval late last year, but these documents were definitely filed this week, so we're not sure what's changed. It looks the same as it has all along -- on the surface, anyhow.
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