Verizon pushes for holograms in 10 years, wants to deliver it via FiOS

Apparently, there is something out there called 3D television that's soon to be all the rage in homes nationwide (we bet our friends at Engadget HD could tell us a thing or two about it). And what does all that new and exciting 3D content mean? That's right -- new and exciting bandwidth requirements, which is music to the ears of folks at Cisco and Verizon. Hell, Cisco predicts that streaming video (including 3D content) is expected to more than quadruple bandwidth demands by 2014. But that isn't the wild part -- the company's CEO John Chambers is predicting that in ten years holograms over IP will become commonplace. Apparently, Verizon has been conducting experiments with the technology over its FiOS network -- and when not sending spooky, holographic disembodied heads out into cyberspace, its CIO Shaygan Kheradpir has been testing a 1Gbps link in his home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Apparently, this kind of connection will have to become commonplace before we start seeing holograms in our homes, but we're pretty sure that Kheradpir only pointed out this last fact to make us jealous.