JooJoo software update adds local video playback and password storage, still a few months too late

It's baaaack. Okay, it never really went anywhere, but thanks to a very nice tipster we learned that Fusion Garage released a new software update for the JooJoo last night. The new 0.2.4 firmware, as you can see from the shot above, adds a few previously-lacking features such as the ability to store passwords, calibrate the screen, and basic USB support. Obviously, we couldn't help but whip out our JooJoo review unit and try it all out. The download didn't take more than three minutes and, lo' and behold, we were able to log into Twitter, close the browser, and then launch it again without having to log back in! However, more impressive is that its sole USB port is now functioning. We put a 1080p trailer of Scott Pilgrim on a flash drive, plugged it into the side of the tablet, and miraculously the NVIDIA Ion chip was finally put to work -- it handled the clip with ease and with absolutely zero stuttering. Don't believe us? Video after the break, so there. %Gallery-100522%
[Thanks, Mark]