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Lamborghini dishes out a Reventon you can actually afford: a 1:10 scale RC car

At long last even us plebeian supercar lovers can afford to say we own a Lambo. And we wouldn't even be lying if we claimed it had an internal combustion engine (3cc, vroom vroom!), hydraulic shock absorbers, disc brakes, or permanent all-wheel drive. Such must have been the stringent requirements handed down from Lamborghini HQ to DeAgostini, which has scored the license to produce a limited run of 65 1:10 scale models of the Reventon. The radio-controlled mini-supercars haven't been priced yet, but we suspect they'll fall quite a few zeroes short of the real deal's $1.2 million sticker.

Update: As it turns out, these come in parts and can be built up if you keep buying a collection of 65 "booklets." Each one costs €8 and the remote control is priced at €60, leading you to a total around €580 ($737) [Thanks, wii_willie!]