Supposed next-gen iPod touch, nano / shuffle cases surface online

Stop us if you've heard this one before -- an Apple event is looming, and suddenly some cases turn up online that seem to nicely line up with the devices rumored to be announced. These latest examples come courtesy of Chinese case retailer X-Doria, and include a case for what appears to be a 4th-gen iPod touch with a camera, and one that's described as a case for a "nano 6G," but could seemingly also be for a new iPod shuffle with a touchscreen. Of particular note, the apparent iPod touch case seems to reveal a curved back more similar to the current model than the iPhone 4, while the nano / shuffle case looks to be a near perfect match for that 1.7-inch Apple touchscreen that mysteriously turned up in Taiwan last month. What does it all mean? There's less than a week until we know for sure.