ASUS NX90Jq now available... sort of

Remember this classic from way back at CES in January? We had such high hopes for the ASUS NX90 Jq. The 18.4-inch multimedia laptop boasts dual large touchpads and was designed by Bang & Olufsen's chief designer... and that shows. This beauty also has (in case you forgot) B&O ICEpower speakers, a Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 334M graphics, and can house up to 1280GB of storage. Now, we knew this thing wasn't going to be cheap from the first time we touched it -- $2,500. However, we didn't really expect to have to wait quite so long for it to hit retail. Well, if you don't mind purchasing things on the "internet," it looks like you can actually get one at a few retailers now for about that $2,500 price. Hit up the source link if you're ready to put down some cash or if you just like to window shop.