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ExoPC sets a shipping schedule, now let's see if it keeps it

Been having lurid dreams of 1080p-playin' Windows 7 tablets with a touch-delighting UI layer on top? Probably not, but if that sounds like your kind of thing, you'll want to know that ExoPC is about to collect its first pre-orders starting on September 3. The slate's makers are being nice to their forum members by allowing the first 1,200 on board to have first bite at this cherry, which will be shipped out to them on September 30. Ten days before that, on September 20, is when the initial 120 production units will roll off the assembly line, though they've already been assigned to potential distribution partners. The really interesting date here will be October 15, as that's when the Ciara Vibe -- the first rebadged partner slate -- is expected to hit retail availability in Canada. Let's just hope this schedule isn't written with a Sharpie Liquid Pencil, eh?