Logitech's 'Lonely TV Part 3' Google TV ad pulled, Part 4 steps up to the plate

After Part 3 of Logitech's Lonely TV ad campaign (pictured above) didn't get quite the reception the company probably intended, GTVHub points out the video has disappeared from YouTube and quickly been replaced by Part 4 in the series. Both are embedded after the break so you can judge for yourself, but Part 4 (along with Parts 1 & 2) seems to do a better job of representing an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters mischievous entity than the Grape You In The Mouth! feel of Part 3. Of course, we'd just like to get out of the ad critic business and get some more Revue with Google TV hands-on time -- anyone who remembers Nilay's tale of woe from podcast 197 knows that IR blasters are an even scarier prospect than anthropomorphized HDTVs suddenly appearing in our bed.

The pulled ad:

Lonely TV Part 4: