Motorola says leaked Droid X Android 2.2 build won't be updated to the official release

Can't say this is a surprise, but Motorola posted a note on its support forums today warning Droid X users against upgrading to that leaked Android 2.2 build or any of those custom ROMS that're out there -- they'll be cut off from the official upgrade when it hits in early September and potentially "stuck on the leaked version." Ouch. Of course, that's the risk you take when you start flashing your phone with unofficial firmware, but between this, eFUSE, and those cease and desist letters, it certainly feels like Motorola is decidedly unhappy that anyone would have the gall to hack or tweak one of its handsets, even if the phone in question is the size of a small tank and marketed by aggressive murderous robot hands insisting that it "does" everything one can think of with no restrictions. Contrast that with HTC, which is not only at peace with the hacking community, but even takes the initiative to resolve similar problems.

Of course, no one would care about any of this if Motorola would just release stock Android builds for its devices as soon as they're ready, but why learn that lesson when it's possible to waste money developing Blur and adopting painfully annoying staggered OTA rollout schedules at the behest of carriers? That would just be silly.

[Thanks, Matthew]