Samsung Galaxy S update to Froyo leaks

Far be it from us to use a screen shot as proof that Android 2.2 has been ported to a particular device -- they're impossibly easy to 'shop and hack, after all -- but there's a groundswell of information today that a legit build of Froyo is in the wild for the Samsung i9000, better known as the Galaxy S. Early indications are that the build and the update process aren't without their issues, suggesting we might be looking at a beta release -- but if you've got a European version of the phone and you have no desire to wait for Samsung or your carrier to give you a proper build with proper instructions, this is your best bet at the moment (and it seems that GPS performance is improved at least a little bit). Owners of Vibrants and Captivates in the US need not apply here since the model numbers differ, but we're foolishly hopeful that Sammy can bust all of these updates out in rapid-fire fashion.

[Thanks, Frederik]