Amazon streaming 99-cent ABC and Fox shows... right now (update: purchases, not rentals!)

Eager to get on the new Apple TV's cheap 99-cent TV show rentals but not so pumped to wait four weeks for it to ship? No worries: Amazon's also now offering 99-cent rentals purchases of various ABC and FOX shows, which means a whole host of Amazon VOD-compatible devices just got some cheaper streaming options as well -- and hey, Roku just cut prices on its entire lineup of Amazon- and Netflix- compatible players, so you can get in the game for as little as $60. Of course, the Apple TV also features day-and-date movie rentals, local streaming, AirPlay, and that slick iPhone / iPod touch Remote app, but only your heart truly knows if those are worth an extra few bucks and a month of fevered desire.

Update: As our astute commenters are pointing out, these are actually listed as 99-cent purchases, making this a far better deal entirely. We don't know if that's for real or just an error right now, though -- we're double checking and we'll let you know.

Update 2: Yep, we've confirmed that these are 99-cent purchases, making this a much better deal than Apple's rental model -- although only you can decide whether you actually need permanent streaming access to Dollhouse Season 2.

[Thanks, Stephen]