New iTunes features Ping social media network

Steve Jobs announced iTunes 10 today, complete with a new logo. The core interface does not receive much tweaking, however in the list view there is a hybrid view where if you have more than 5 songs from the same album, it will show you the album artwork.

Most of the new release's focus is on Ping, a social network for music. "It's like Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes," Jobs said. Jobs is right; it looks almost, but not quite Facebook. It's much like that service where you can follow friends, have a circle of friends and share what music you're listening to through the network. When following an artist, you can be alerted to their concert listings.

Ping will be available for 160 million iTunes users in 23 countries right off the bat. It will also be available in the iTunes Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

iTunes 10 will be available for download today.