Big corporation ruins double rainbow guy for us

We know we're not alone when we say that Paul "Bear" Vasquez made us turn all different colors of happy when we checked out his double rainbow video a few months back. That was awesome. You know what's not awesome? How a team from Microsoft took us "behind the lens" to show how Bear could have used Windows Live to stitch his still photos together to make a panoramic shot of said rainbow. We guess this campaign achieved at least two goals: increased our awareness of Windows Live (now we know that it stitches photos, but not much else) and got Mr. Vasquez a certain (hopefully ridiculous) amount of cash. But to be honest, we didn't really need to see this hawking of a product by someone who had pretty obviously never used it before a team from Redmond knocked on his YouTube account. Awkward, very tightly-edited video after the break. Update: another spot -- where they made him do it again -- also after the break.