Buffalo serves up USB-powered portable 3D Blu-ray player in Japan

Stuck with an ODD-less netbook or laptop, but can't quite shake the urge to watch a Blu-ray Disc on your next flight? If you call Japan home (or you know a good importer), Buffalo has just the solution. The BP3D-PI6U2-BK measures 137- × 147- × 20mm, and the operation is pretty simple. Just wrangle an XP / Vista / Windows 7-equipped PC, locate an open USB socket, blow out the dust (optional, but highly recommended) and plug this guy in. Best of all, the unit also supports the boatload of 3D Blu-ray titles that are bound to show up over the coming months, but the privileged of being prepared doesn't come cheap -- it'll land later this month for ¥28,500 ($338).

Update: Speaking of importers... White Rabbit Express has this up for pre-order at $350, along with a slew of other Japanese wares. Huzzah!