Philips unveils new PicoPix pico projectors (update)

Our friends at Engadget en Español have turned us on to some pico projecters that recently popped up on Philips' Flickr account. We don't have too much info, other than they are designated (in no particular order): PPX-1430, PPX-1230 and PPX-1030. And they're really rather small. Yeah, we're underwhelmed too. But we must report even the least breathtaking gadgets: it's our meat and potatoes, after all. And you can bet your bubby that if Philips does relate any mind-blowing information at this year's IFA (which is going on as we write this), we'll let you know. Oh, you want more pictures? Well, here you go!

Update: We got the PR! (Thanks, bb-chef.) Depending on features (power options, SD card slot, etc.) prices range from €200-€300 (about $256-$385). All models sport a resolution of 800 x 600 and a contrast of 400:1. Available in October. See for yourself after the break.

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Berlin, Germany – Sagemcom announces the launch of a brand new range of products: Philips PicoPix pocket projectors. Lightweight, practical and fun, these projectors offer complete freedom in all your projection applications.

Thanks to the new Philips PicoPix range (PicoPix 1020, 1230 and 1430) you can now share your world in a matter of seconds, wherever you may be. These real miniature projectors are completely portable and allow you to quickly and easily project your photos and videos, largely due to the integrated two-and-a-half-hour battery on PicoPix 1230 and 1430 models.

Projecting a high-quality image of 20 to 30 lumens depending on the model, with a resolution of 800 x 600 and a contrast of 400:1, the only limit to using the PicoPix will be your imagination! Now you can share your photos on the wall at a family dinner, watch a movie on the ceiling of your hotel room or even play the latest video game by connecting it to a computer, a camera, a smartphone or a games console, or even inserting an SD card. When it comes to sharing your world with those around you, the possibilities are endless.

For the purposes of offering maximum user comfort whilst respecting the environment, all of the products in the range also use low energy consumption LED bulbs and have a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.

This new range of Philips products come equipped with a tripod, stereo speakersii and USBiii cable, brilliantly combining ergonomics and aesthetics to fit perfectly into all types of pockets and bags.

These previously unseen products are entirely independent and can be used as portable screens in themselves, bringing a new dimension to the idea of sharing special moments.

Philips PicoPix: project your life.

Recommended Retail Prices (each retailer having their own pricing policy):

* PicoPix 1020: €199 incl. tax (pocket projector for PC; power through USB)
* PicoPix 1230: €269 incl. tax (battery powered, stereo loudspeakers)
* PicoPix 1430: €299 incl. tax (integrated MP4 player, battery powered, stereo loudspeakers, SD card slot)

Availability: October 2010