Sony shows off Google TV (or a video of it, anyway) at IFA 2010

It's not the full-on demo you're probably hoping for, but Sony devoted a section of its sprawling, city-within-a-city of a booth at IFA 2010 to diving into some of the capabilities its Google TV-enabled televisions will be offering when they launch in the US before the end of the year. The two-plus minute video loop runs through web search, Google Maps (which looks pretty awesome, we have to admit), YouTube and Picasa functionality, app favorites, and picture-in-picture, which means you don't have to miss those first few precious minutes of Iron Chef America while you look up desserts that use eggplant. Interestingly, we stopped by Logitech's booth today, who insisted there wasn't a Revue anywhere near the show -- despite the fact that beta units are in the field, the launch is coming up, and these guys are probably all looking to strike content deals with European providers right about now. In other words, we've got a sneaking suspicion there are Revues (and fully-functional Google TV sets from Sony) on the premises, they're just locked away in meetings where our press badges are... shall we say, "frowned upon." Follow the break for the full video.