Braille Buddy concept keyboard teaches six-dot typing

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|09.05.10

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Braille Buddy concept keyboard teaches six-dot typing
We've seen any number of gadgets designed to help the visually impaired read (and even occasionally drive), but it's not all that often peripherals come along that teach Braille in the first place. Yasaman Sheri's Braille Buddy concept is clearly the exception to that rule -- it's a six-key device that unfolds like a pearly-white Batarang and audibly speaks letters to you. Would-be learners can then feel the six-dot formation of each corresponding Braille character on the electroactive polymer screen up top, then key in the newly-learned unit of writing with the six buttons on the swinging handles below. A description at Yanko Design suggests Sheri is serious about making these available at libraries and schools, where they'll hopefully spend more time generating text than sailing through the air. Spot the device unfolded right after the break.

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